There’s no place like home

Sometimes we need to step outside of what we know, at least mentally, in order to see something for the mundane marvel that it is. Home is one of those things we’re in danger of taking for granted, especially if we’ve always been blessed with a roof over our head.

How to describe it without mentioning bricks and mortar, size and shape, inward or outward decoration? I’ve taken a deeper inward look at the home we all dream of as a place to finally be and belong. Because even if the home we currently inhabit is deficient in some ways, the Home with God where we are headed to will be a perfect fit for us.


What is home?

The place we return to wherever we roam.

It’s where we feel loved the most.

Accepted, wanted, warm as toast.

It’s what our souls always long for.

With a permanent ‘welcome’ mat at the door.

It’s comfort and cosy and snuggling together.

It’s a shelter, a haven in all stormy weather.

There’s food to be had and room at the table

for the weak and the wounded as well as the able.

It’s sacred and secular wrapped up in one

with the Kingdom come, nothing left undone

as we meet with Father, Spirit and Son.

home is where our hearts belong pin

Home is the place where our hearts belong.

When  our ears hear the call we break out into song.

A wanderer’s refuge and a journey’s end.

A place to be lover, companion and friend.

Home can be as humble as humble can be

but it will seem like a palace to you and me.

It’s a place of indescribable, inestimable worth.

A coming together at life’s end, a beginning, a birth.

This life’s hostel for hurting souls

and the place where one day

we’ll all be complete and whole.


This is day 5 of #fiveminutefreewrites  for #31days  and today’s prompt is ‘home’. I’m joining in with  Kate Motaung and crew on an occasional basis. You can find out more here and participate too if you want to.

8 thoughts on “There’s no place like home”

  1. Your description of home warms my heart, Joy. Yes, where our hearts belong. “This life’s hostel for hurting souls and the place where one day we’ll all be complete and whole.” Won’t that be a glorious day to be complete and whole? Blessings and hugs!

    1. Amen, my friend! We live with that thought to lift and inspire us to keep on keeping on when life is hard and the way seems painful. This world is not our home. We’re just passing through it to our eternal Home with God. 🙂 x

    1. It’s wonderful to have such comforting thoughts to sustain us in our earthly journey and prepare us for That Day when we’ll be Home with God forever. And that’s a future worth looking forward to, my friend! Blessings to you, June.

  2. Your power about home is exactly where I love to be. There is such comfort in your words. Thank you for the gift of your writing and willingness to share it with others. Blessings!

    1. Our hearts yearn for such a home as this, don’t they, Mary? I’m blessed by your visit and sweet encouragement. Thank you!

    1. Even a little glimpse is tantalising and hope inducing, isn’t it, Barbie? We are strangers and sojourners here while we wait for the fullness of God’s Kingdom to come, and these things give us hope and peace in our struggles. I’m so thankful you stopped by too! 🙂

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