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life and faith

Surprised by joy

Can we slip easy into the shoes of another? See life from their perspective and leave our own preconceptions behind. Maybe discover, like a child stepping into an adult’s shoes, that it looks exciting but feels quite precarious. Or be surprised by the commonality we share. Stepping into another person’s …
life and faith living with M.E

When you need a hero

Don’t we all need a hero/heroine to look up to? Didn’t Bonnie Tyler make us all yearn for one? Someone who has made tracks in snow while we tread careful in their footprints. Someone who makes us sigh with aspiration…if only… we could look/act/be like them.If you asked who inspires …
life and faith

Let the flame burn

She was on a mission. Nothing was going to stop her. Chin lifted high, head in the clouds, determination in every step, pounding the pavement with purpose. On the cusp of full womanhood, her heart glowed fierce for the lover of her soul. Scorning fear, she burned with a message …