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life and faith

When less is more

In a world driven by acquisition and success, the idea of less can seem countercultural. How can less be more? Isn’t outward show a sign of inward achievement too? Maybe, or maybe not. Our souls may desire signs of ‘success’ but those outward signs don’t necessarily reveal true fulfilment or …
life and faith

Butterflies, books and blessings

 I seem to be turning into butterfly-woman, or at least have developed more of a butterfly mind recently which is easily attracted and distracted by turns. My new tendency is to flit from book to book, pausing to savour a hint of its flavour before I move on to another. …
life and faith

Let it burn

 Sounds of scraping reached my ears, alerting me to the toast being close to becoming cinders. Thankfully, it was not meant for me but for my beloved who likes his toast near to charcoal before he considers it ready. He pours scorn on mine resembling ‘singed bread’ instead. We don’t …
life and faith

Between Narnia and Nativity

Winter isn’t for wimps. It’s prime time for hibernation. It’s weighty heaviness can steal joy right out of weary hearts. Fog-leaden and snow-laden lands lead to low moods for many. Misted breath and frosty fingers steal in, seep through the window pane and wrap themselves around my brain. I succumb …

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