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life and faith

Butterflies, books and blessings

 I seem to be turning into butterfly-woman, or at least have developed more of a butterfly mind recently which is easily attracted and distracted by turns. My new tendency is to flit from book to book, pausing to savour a hint of its flavour before I move on to another. …
life and faith

Let me tell you a story

Our lives are wrapped around story.  We live, breathe, and have our being in God’s great narrative. And it becomes clearer as we co-operate with Him in the unfolding story we are all a part of. Each tale we tell has a beginning, middle and end. Each story we are …
life and faith

When stories are woven by grace

Welcome to another foray into Five Minute Friday where we write freely and words are captured with no over-thinking, over-editing or worry about perfection.  It is a great creative exercise, scary and strangely liberating all at the same time, and really challenges you as a writer. Today’s prompt is:‘Story’ START.. …