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Shifts: gaining a new soul perspective

We sense shifts of feelings stirring within, an inner voice speaking to our hearts, signalling a need to pause because we require deep soul refreshment before moving forward again. Can we afford to ignore it and press on regardless? This isn’t the usual disorientation caused by seasonal change, holidays ending …
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Singing the blues

Here in the UK we seem to have an endless fascination with the weather. Which way is the wind blowing?¬†Will or won’t it rain? Do I need a brolly? Better carry one just in case. It’s a great conversation opener and very much the topic du jour. On a day …
life and faith

Dying to live

Sap remains in the vine.¬†Life signs are present. Colour and vitality depleted but not gone for good. As I muse on the waning of plants and summer flowers, the colours of russet and gold midst green-leaved trees, I see myself mirrored in them. I’m in an autumnal season. Time to …
life and faith

Falling and Rising

Welcome. This is my latest (and very late contribution) to Five Minute Friday. Life hasn’t been quite going to plan recently and things are still adjusting as I seek to recover from a particularly long M.E relapse. Though not as mentally switched on as I would like to be, I …

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