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Being intentional about resting

You’d think that resting would be second nature for me. After all, it’s an essential part of living with M.E. Doesn’t it just mean slowing down and pressing pause on busyness? Resting also involves being still physically. It means being intentional about stressing less. It’s about making time for seeking …
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Tasting normality

Today, I pick and eat fresh home-grown strawberries, collect a few dwarf green beans, dig nails into soil, bend knees, stoop low to ground to tug dead leaves off living green. And despite the debilitating stiffness and pain pervading my body as it resists these exertions, it feels right and …
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By quiet waters

Our hearts long for peace. Though rest and ease don’t always come easily. We live with restlessness pervading our inner and outer world. Conflict and battle. Wars and rumours of wars. Loved ones are conscripted or voluntarily go to war. Accidents, injury, permanent disability and death may result from the conflict. …
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Any journey we undertake with God is one where we are never alone, even if we may feel like it sometimes. Our lives can seem empty, despite being full of activity, and we may sense an inner restlessness that nothing else can satisfy. A gentle, holy whisper in our hearts that …

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