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prayer whisper

Knowing and being known

Silence is a space where our thoughts fly free as birds and we watch them circling wild. They feel impossible to ignore or pin down. Grow larger as we give them room to move around. Once we snare one, then ten others rush as an angry horde in our heads. …
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Awakening to wonder

It was 2 am according to the clock.¬†Insomnia was stealing sleep as usual. I lay quietly thinking, alternately restlessly wriggling and praying. A few words whispered their way into my head.¬†Became embedded in the place where poetry is birthed. And as I mulled over them I thought back (via my …
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Awakening to Advent

November fog invades my brain, stealing away brightness, coating all in its dreary gloom. Seasons affect us more than we know. Each one leaves a footprint of their presence. This season? My soul needs quiet, my body craves sleep and rest, my spirit thirsts after the place where I converse …
prayer whisper

How to regain joy and peace

Several days have passed in a cloud of unknowing. Mists of time where I have lost sense of God’s presence. Drifted away within a haze of pain, a plethora of painkillers and a fog of fatigue. I’ve felt too weary to pray, to read, to converse, or be seen. But …
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Whispers on the wind

Some sounds rise loud and clear and our senses are alert, heightened to every nuance, change of pitch and tone. New parents seek shades of meaning in every utterance their infant makes. My son and his wife are at the stage of learning and interpreting every vocal expression of their …

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