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life and faith

Addicted to Comfort

Welcome to another foray into free-fall, free-flowing, straight from the heart, as-it-comes writing with Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt is:‘Comfort’ Start… Comfort We are addicted to comfort security and safety hardwired into our systems ease a priority sought with urgency. Solace-seeking in bottles, pills and potions soothing fragrant oils and …
life and faith

A familiar fear

It creeps up on me again. ‘You’ve really done it This Time’.  Whispers close. Breathing and hissing out its venom. A voice I know too well and cannot ignore. Did I think I could break the habits of a lifetime? When life is littered with a trail of:  Unfinished projects  …
life and faith

Top Ten Posts in 2012

A very Happy New Year to you all! Dear Readers/Friends, It has been an honour and privilege to share my heart and life with you in 2012.  Here are the Top Ten posts that have been most popular, so you can enjoy them again or maybe read for the first …