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life and faith

Let it burn

¬†Sounds of scraping reached my ears, alerting me to the toast being close to becoming cinders. Thankfully, it was not meant for me but for my beloved who likes his toast near to charcoal before he considers it ready. He pours scorn on mine resembling ‘singed bread’ instead. We don’t …
life and faith

Resting in the Father’s love

When life’s challenges knock us sideways, instead of rocking ourselves back and forth with worry, we need a solid Rock to lean on. A breathing space. A place of shelter. A refuge from the storms. A haven of rest. A place of dependency from where we are enabled to grow …
prayer whisper

How to regain joy and peace

Several days have passed in a cloud of unknowing. Mists of time where I have lost sense of God’s presence. Drifted away within a haze of pain, a plethora of painkillers and a fog of fatigue. I’ve felt too weary to pray, to read, to converse, or be seen. But …