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life and faith

Preparing to fly free

Many of us sit captive to our circumstances. We feel chained down to ground or set aside, caught on a ledge where we fear falling. We may long to stretch our wings and fly but something holds us back from soaring free. It feels safer somehow to remain where we …
life and faith

Moving on

Dear Friends, As we slip from this Christmas season and approach a new year ahead, I want to pause a while and reflect on what those changes may involve. A new year gives us all a golden opportunity to turn over a new leaf, to seek to change and live …
life and faith

Pass the band-aid

  Whether a band-aid (plaster) is boring brown, hygienic white, blue, multi-hued or patterned with comic book figures, they’re a staple in most family first-aid boxes.┬áJust the job for minor cuts and scrapes. Deep wounds or profuse bleeding require different treatment, usually from a health practitioner and in a hospital …
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Time to celebrate?

Welcome to the party. It’s time to celebrate! Don’t worry – I’ve saved you a piece of cake. What am I celebrating – do I hear you say?┬áThe reasons are manifold. This is definitely the season to celebrate human endeavour and achievement with the Olympics and Paralympics, both of which …
life and faith poetry

Moving on ..experiencing change

Change is coming and we need to be ready. Here in my ‘School of Thoughts’ I’m wondering if you’ve remembered to bring an apple for the teacher? Actually, any fruit will do. I’m not fussy. But I have a confession to make – I’m not really a teacher, either, although …

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