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life and faith

Basking in the afterglow

 I wasn’t ready for Christmas, despite every good intention, a beautiful book list, devotions to dive into and expectations high during Advent. Presents were wrapped, all was ready on the surface, family had arrived and my husband had the catering in hand. I was as rested as I could be …
life and faith

Surprised by joy

Can we slip easy into the shoes of another? See life from their perspective and leave our own preconceptions behind. Maybe discover, like a child stepping into an adult’s shoes, that it looks exciting but feels quite precarious. Or be surprised by the commonality we share. Stepping into another person’s …
life and faith

Reaching out a hand

Today I want to share with you how much a book has influenced me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Everything we read exerts an influence on us, for good or ill, and leaves us changed – albeit imperceptibly. Books certainly have the ability to take us into ‘Another world’. Particular books stay …