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life and faith

Purposing to love and live loved

We’re entering that season again when some choose resolutions to try to keep and others choose a word to focus on for the year ahead. Long before I began blogging, or heard of oneword365, God had already whispered a word at close of year, or just on the cusp of …
life and faith

Treasures mined in darkness

Darkness is not my friend. Mole-like as I may be with having M.E, I dislike a total lack of light. It reminds me of times as a child when I felt lost and afraid. Speaks of covert things. I’ve lived with a shadow side, beset by pain and shame from …
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Marvelling at love’s rich variety

How can we think or speak of love and not find ourselves face to face with Love Himself? Our perspective may be clouded and our vision impaired, but God’s love is always breaking through our days. I’ve been marvelling at love’s rich variety, the numerous ways in which it meets …