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life and faith

Plumbing the depths

Just a few simple words. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make or mar a day. A drop here and there. When words rise to our pool of consciousness and hover a while close to the surface, it is well worth asking God if these are …
life and faith

Dying to live

Sap remains in the vine.¬†Life signs are present. Colour and vitality depleted but not gone for good. As I muse on the waning of plants and summer flowers, the colours of russet and gold midst green-leaved trees, I see myself mirrored in them. I’m in an autumnal season. Time to …
life and faith

Grit and grace

Ageing well requires grit and grace. Plenty of perseverance and endurance. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. A significant birthday looms large on the horizon. Yes, this blog is nearly two years old and its sister blog (Poetry Joy) is almost one, which is good reason to celebrate! But …