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life and faith

Out of darkness

A child develops in darkness. Entombed in the womb. Cushioned and cradled within its comfortable confines. They grow toward the day when they will emerge, blinking, into the light. Stretch tenuous fingers toward all that awaits to embrace them. At a point in time they will draw in air, breathe …
life and faith

A labour of love

I watch the Philosopher move rhythmically with his sleeves rolled up, hands kneading dough with practised movements, swaying and singing loud¬†(considerately wearing his headphones due to my M.E hypersensitive hearing) as he listens to Dragonforce’s ‘Sonic Firestorm’ album. Faint whispers reach me of ‘My spirit will go on’ and ‘Fury …
life and faith

Journeying:Where it All Starts

Every life begins with a journey. As tiny infants we have to make our way into the world to truly commence on this adventure. It is taken as we traverse the birth canal, or maybe enter the world via a Cesarean Section. The wonder of our time in the womb …
life and faith

Another layer of the onion

Writing publicly inevitably means being seen, being open, being approachable. Normally, I like to highlight issues and areas of life I am encountering or going through. It is a revelation of a kind. Now I am about to peel off a whole new layer of the onion. Those who visit …


Hi, Welcome. I won’t keep you long. It’s true I love to chat – as those who have read previous posts or follow me on Twitter can attest. My prose and poetry seem to have grown exponentially longer as my confidence in sharing them has grown too. Whoops!¬†Verbosity is probably …

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