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five minute friday

An open door

May sounds like a portent, a promise, potential and permission given. There’s a beckoning, an urging and an invitation. New life is burgeoning. The question is:Are we listening, and how will we respond? As we enter this new month I’m reflecting on some timely words God gave me last night: …
life and faith

A lot of bottle

On the Bottle Breast may be best though bottle is better for bonding-sharing with any willing  hands to hold  these rabbit-skinned imitations of infants mewling beyond caring Lukewarm liquid vitamin-infused warmth and welfare oozing into tiny lips and tums that ache ’til hunger satiates as feeding comes Glass left in sun …
life and faith

A familiar fear

It creeps up on me again. ‘You’ve really done it This Time’.  Whispers close. Breathing and hissing out its venom. A voice I know too well and cannot ignore. Did I think I could break the habits of a lifetime? When life is littered with a trail of:  Unfinished projects  …
life and faith

Moving on

Dear Friends, As we slip from this Christmas season and approach a new year ahead, I want to pause a while and reflect on what those changes may involve. A new year gives us all a golden opportunity to turn over a new leaf, to seek to change and live …

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