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Seeking His Presence

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Advent season, thoughts turn toward Christ’s coming to earth.┬áHere, in infant lowly lies our Lord and Saviour.   Here, we touch holy ground. Yet it can all pass us by in the rush and hurry of preparation for Christmas. Just lately, a distant and …
life and faith

Let me tell you a story

Our lives are wrapped around story.  We live, breathe, and have our being in God’s great narrative. And it becomes clearer as we co-operate with Him in the unfolding story we are all a part of. Each tale we tell has a beginning, middle and end. Each story we are …
life and faith

Of swans and men

A touching scene. Mother and babies swimming along serenely. A riverside walk with glories for eyes to see, though most were glued to a screen. Walking blind. Hand, mind and will absorbed by electronic communications. Totally oblivious to the wonders around them. Beauty all around in sight, sense and sound. …
life and faith

Why silence can speak volumes

Silence is anathema to many.  Living in a continual buzz of noise and wall of sound have become the norm. Many people cannot read or study without at least some music on to accompany it. Having continual beeping technological machinery around us has become so commonplace it barely registers. We …
life and faith

Unleashing:Letter to a Stranger

Letter to a Stranger Dear Stranger (though I do remember your first name), Our paths crossed many years ago, but I haven’t forgotten you. We met on a Gynaecology ward as nurse and patient. You were one of many being admitted to the ward that day in lieu of a …

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