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life and faith

Letter to tuck in your pocket

Receiving hand-written letters in the mail is a rarity these days.  When we are eagerly waiting to hear from a loved one, then it is even more special. Words are devoured. Sentences savoured. Lines linger in our minds. And we read them over and over again, unwilling to put them …
life and faith


A bit of light-hearted relief in our God-sized dream journey this week as this comes to you by power of my (Spirit and faith-filled) imagination. No deep soul-searching. Instead of a life described As Is, this is life ‘As I wish it could be’ as I challenge and confront fear head-on. …
life and faith

A letter to the God-sized Dreamers

“Dreams are the seeds of creative reality” ~ Anon Dreams It began… with vague ideas swimming through clouded, crowded thoughts misted heavy with scepticism and soft-whisper in our hearts that we hear,  though we hesitate: This? Me? Now? Really? Until it pulses strong, a throb in tune with every beat …