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You’re not invisible

 If someone told you you’re not invisible would you cringe with embarrassment and look for the nearest hole to hide in, or sigh with relief? Much depends on what you want known or what you desire to hide. In this over-exposed world we live in, where every celebrity sneeze is …
life and faith

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Some habits die hard. They require great persistence, perseverance, prayer, hard work, faith, and an abundance of grace to overcome. One such habit is that of speaking negatively about ourselves. How easily we slip in to it. I can barely register my reflection in a mirror without having to resist …
life and faith

Word power

What does it mean to communicate? We probably think we have the answer in the myriad ways in which we carry out this activity. But do we stop and consider if our words and messages match our hearts, thoughts, or intentions? Are we communicating to bring clarity, purpose, hope and …
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Today’s focus is on labels. Now, just in case you think you may have inadvertently stumbled onto a sartorially savvy fashionista site by mistake – and are hastily checking your clothing/bags/items in general for their worthiness or otherwise – let me hasten to reassure you it’s not those sort of labels I have in …

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