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life and faith

Celebrating a man and a marriage

Nobody really knows the inside story of a relationship apart from the two people involved in it. Our marriage certainly didn’t look like a marriage made in heaven from the outset. I had a troubled, dysfunctional childhood, my parents were divorced and my future mother-in-law clearly disapproved of her son’s choice. We …
life and faith


Any journey we undertake with God is one where we are never alone, even if we may feel like it sometimes. Our lives can seem empty, despite being full of activity, and we may sense an inner restlessness that nothing else can satisfy. A gentle, holy whisper in our hearts that …
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Run out of steam?

 Illness can derail many of us. Perhaps you are somebody who is firing on all cylinders? I hope so. Or you may have periods in the day when you are ‘up and at ’em’ and others where you slump wearily and are desperate for the next caffeine fix or – even just …