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life and faith

Dying to live

Sap remains in the vine.¬†Life signs are present. Colour and vitality depleted but not gone for good. As I muse on the waning of plants and summer flowers, the colours of russet and gold midst green-leaved trees, I see myself mirrored in them. I’m in an autumnal season. Time to …
life and faith

Surprised by joy

Can we slip easy into the shoes of another? See life from their perspective and leave our own preconceptions behind. Maybe discover, like a child stepping into an adult’s shoes, that it looks exciting but feels quite precarious. Or be surprised by the commonality we share. Stepping into another person’s …
life and faith

The road less travelled

Each journey we take in life begins with a single step. Yet so often the first move is the hardest one to make. The greater the challenge before us, the greater the measure of courage required. Faith requires us to walk blind sometimes, but we have the reassurance of God’s …