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child: from Mary’s child to Man of Sorrows

Few things stir our deep protective, nurturing instincts more than a newborn baby. Such sweet vulnerability resides within each child. Those tiny toes seem like a mini miracle in themselves. A simple grasp of tiny fist clinging to adult finger is a reminder of how fragile a new life is. …
five minute friday

Don’t hide your light

 Sometimes a word appears in due season. A word meant to be shared. Flowing freely as it invades the mind with inspiration. A touch and gift of grace. Such is the word I’m sharing today as I join in with the liberating, free-form creative writing exercise which is five minute friday. START: …
life and faith

Let it burn

 Sounds of scraping reached my ears, alerting me to the toast being close to becoming cinders. Thankfully, it was not meant for me but for my beloved who likes his toast near to charcoal before he considers it ready. He pours scorn on mine resembling ‘singed bread’ instead. We don’t …
life and faith

Awakening to wonder

It was 2 am according to the clock. Insomnia was stealing sleep as usual. I lay quietly thinking, alternately restlessly wriggling and praying. A few words whispered their way into my head. Became embedded in the place where poetry is birthed. And as I mulled over them I thought back (via my …
life and faith


It’s Friday and that means Five Minutes of free flow, as-it-comes writing, from the heart, on a given topic. Today’s prompt is ‘Friend’ Start… Friend “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear” ~ Joseph M. Scriven hymn (1855) Click on this link to …

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