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life and faith

Why being in community matters to me

I’ve been thinking about how we create community. Because during my time as a writer/poet/blogger I’ve been truly thankful for the friendly writing community I’ve found. They’ve offered a spiritual home and a haven. When I sit at home typing away, words fly through the ether, seemingly lost for ever. …
life and faith

An invitation not to be missed

One of the loveliest things anyone can do for us is to invite and welcome us into their life. To share at a deep level is trust revealed and given. And our response to it could make or break that friendship. Because there is a reciprocal response required. How about …
life and faith

Slow but sure

If I tried to describe myself as an animal then I’d probably say I was more of a tortoise than a hare, though my mind has definite leaping, easily distracted hare-like tendencies. My life is, of necessity, lived in the Slow Lane and plodding on through the dense foliage ahead …