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life and faith

When you’re in transition

My life is in transition. I’m at an in-between phase and stage. Walls are crumbling, rocked by Holy Spirit winds and fanned by the flame of God’s word. I can no longer cling to familiar. All feels uncertain.┬áDays of being locked up in a tight cocoon are ending.┬áRelease is coming.┬áSomething …
life and faith

Mind the gap

When gaps appear in our lives they can yawn empty as chasms. Where is the next big thing coming from? Isn’t it time for something new? Well, maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the space indicates loss, missing things, opportunities, relationships. Even a tiny gap in our teeth can feel huge with …
life and faith

Living in between this world and the next

Welcome to another foray into Five Minute Friday where we write straight from the heart, as it comes, letting words fall as they will without worrying about perfection. Then we link up, read the post directly before ours, leave a comment and encourage our fellow writers in the process. Because …

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