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life and faith

Why you don’t have to hide anymore

Welcome friend. I’m so pleased you are here. In this space I want to share coffee for your heart. Drink in whatever troubles you. Offer a listening ear and a hand to hold. Share the things that bless and encourage me. Be someone you can feel at home with. So …
life and faith

Whispers on the wind

Some sounds rise loud and clear and our senses are alert, heightened to every nuance, change of pitch and tone. New parents seek shades of meaning in every utterance their infant makes. My son and his wife are at the stage of learning and interpreting every vocal expression of their …
life and faith living with M.E

The grass isn’t always greener

As Autumn segues into Winter all becomes bare, barren and bleak. Grass scrubby and yellow-patched, lifeless, worn and torn. Loosened leaves now drift disconsolately on the ground. Signs of death outweigh signs of life and vitality. ¬†There is little inclination to look enviously upon our neighbour’s gardens as we may …