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New Era

Another foray into Five Minute Friday to give my brain and creativity a bit of a work-out this morning. We write:for 5 minutes flat, no editing, no tweaking or self-critiquing.  Today’s word is ‘After’. Start.. After – A New Era Cross empty All over Tomb empty Sin defeated Broken lives …
life and faith

Word power

What does it mean to communicate? We probably think we have the answer in the myriad ways in which we carry out this activity. But do we stop and consider if our words and messages match our hearts, thoughts, or intentions? Are we communicating to bring clarity, purpose, hope and …
life and faith

Top Ten Posts in 2012

A very Happy New Year to you all! Dear Readers/Friends, It has been an honour and privilege to share my heart and life with you in 2012.  Here are the Top Ten posts that have been most popular, so you can enjoy them again or maybe read for the first …
life and faith

Moving on

Dear Friends, As we slip from this Christmas season and approach a new year ahead, I want to pause a while and reflect on what those changes may involve. A new year gives us all a golden opportunity to turn over a new leaf, to seek to change and live …

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