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life and faith

Travelling closer to home

Of all the journeys we make, none take so long nor have such a lasting effect on our lives as our journey of life and faith. And within that journey, one of the hardest routes is this ~ the one God’s word needs to negotiate to have its fullest impact …
life and faith

Wallowing in the mire

It wasn’t planned. It never is. Feelings take over and a flood pours out.Isn’t that always the way?¬†These things sneak up on us unawares. All of a sudden we spew forth dirty words. Falling fast as raindrops and just as impossible to stem the flow.¬† I grow impatient and irritable …
life and faith

Let the flame burn

She was on a mission. Nothing was going to stop her. Chin lifted high, head in the clouds, determination in every step, pounding the pavement with purpose. On the cusp of full womanhood, her heart glowed fierce for the lover of her soul. Scorning fear, she burned with a message …
life and faith poetry

Me and my shadow

Hi, Hope your week is going according to plan. I find very little does in my world. For instance, this blog entry was going to be a time for sharing autumnal thoughts – a nice, light, poetic break from the rather heavy issues I seem to have been covering recently. …

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