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life and faith

Being set on fire

It was one of those days. Trouble and strife slipped in uninvited.  It waits on the threshold of our lives and sneaks in where cracks appear in our defences, our walls are weak with vulnerability, our armour rusty from lack of use and a space is created to enable access. …
life and faith

Grace Notes:Threads

Though pyjamas may frequently be my default mode of dress these days, I still retain a love of clothes (shoes, boots..) and the rare opportunity to dress up and go somewhere special. As a child, fancy clothes didn’t feature much.  My parents were of the school of thought that cheaper and …
life and faith

Grace Notes: Compassion

It’s easy to provide for those we care for and natural for parents, especially, to want to lavish love, attention and gifts on their children. This is a biblical pattern after God’s own heart. Yet we can miss such a lot if we don’t slow down sometimes, really notice what …