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life and faith

Grace Notes:Threads

Though pyjamas may frequently be my default mode of dress these days, I still retain a love of clothes (shoes, boots..) and the rare opportunity to dress up and go somewhere special. As a child, fancy clothes didn’t feature much.  My parents were of the school of thought that cheaper and …
life and faith

Grace Notes: Faith

Faith can be variously described as having trust and confidence, a belief system, way of life, hopeful outlook or even blind optimism.  It may seem such a nebulous, insubstantial, indefinable thing and then morph into the strongest element in our lives.  Relationships usually require us to take a leap of faith …
life and faith

Grace Notes:An Introduction

Dear Reader, allow me to introduce you to ‘Grace Notes’ whereby we aim to notice the daily blessings God strews in our pathway. I would like this to be a place and space to pause and rejoice over the good things in our lives. So why ‘Grace Notes’? It is because I …