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Girls just wanna have fun

Pursuing a God-sized dream is a fairly serious matter in terms of intent, dedication and commitment. It can alter the whole course of a life. But there needs to be a time for resting and appreciating how far we have already come. Holley has requested us to get in touch …
life and faith


Any journey we undertake with God is one where we are never alone, even if we may feel like it sometimes. Our lives can seem empty, despite being full of activity, and we may sense an inner restlessness that nothing else can satisfy. A gentle, holy whisper in our hearts that …
life and faith


A bit of light-hearted relief in our God-sized dream journey this week as this comes to you by power of my (Spirit and faith-filled) imagination. No deep soul-searching. Instead of a life described As Is, this is life ‘As I wish it could be’ as I challenge and confront fear head-on. …
life and faith

No matter what

Sometimes we sweat the small stuff. Major on minors. Fail to differentiate between the two. This year, I had a dream – a God-sized dream: “To draw closer to God and discover His specific plan for me creatively and personally” At the time I had no idea what a major …
life and faith

One Day

This week’s God-sized dream assignment gave me cause for concern. I’ve been asked to describe what ‘a typical day in my life looks like right now’ I baulked at the idea because I live a Life Less Ordinary as an M.E and chronic illness sufferer for over 20 years, and …

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