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five minute friday

Always the same

Today I engage in a familiar exercise. It’s time for five-minute-friday where we write out our hearts just the same, week after week, on a different theme. The prompts vary, the people joining in can change, the way we write is influenced by how we feel and what we’re going …
life and faith

You’re not invisible

¬†If someone told you you’re not invisible would you cringe with embarrassment and look for the nearest hole to hide in, or sigh with relief? Much depends on what you want known or what you desire to hide. In this over-exposed world we live in, where every celebrity sneeze is …
life and faith

How we can feel lonely but are never alone

Welcome to a space and place where there is friendship, companionship and sharing. Here, as I participate in Five Minute Friday, perfection is laid aside and words pour out freely with no over-thinking, editing or worry. It’s a great writing challenge that often stir deep waters from within as memory …
life and faith

Heart of Worship

A heart matter – Worship “True worship can only take place when we agree to God sitting not only on His throne in the centre of the universe, but on the throne that stands in the centre of our heart” ~ Robert Colman An invitation had been issued. So we …

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