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life and faith

Painting beauty with ashes

I sat on the bed, desultorily dusting the few objects I could cope with while my energetic friend breezed her way around the room, almost knocking things over in her enthusiasm to get the job done. Our soul conversation more than made up for any lack of application on my …
five minute friday

Being a giver

This is the season for giving thanks, gifts and resources ~ and getting too, as some might gleefully say. This is the time to spend, spend, spend.. then ruefully pay, pay, pay. As our circumstances have altered over the years, I have learnt to cut my cloth to suit my …
life and faith

Sometimes I wake up grumpy

Little fellows like this have been rudely interrupting my beauty sleep of late. A dawn chorus of cheerful cheeping. A morning song rejoicing in the sheer joy of being alive. An intrusion for an insomniac mind and body already depleted and bone-weary. Who wants to be disturbed when a body …
life and faith

Because you’re worth it

┬áIt’s that time of year again. Warmly, reassuringly, comfortingly familiar. With mystery at its heart to make it extra special. We buy the presents. We buy into the pressure to spend, spend, spend. We buy what we think others will like, need, deserve maybe. Packaged, beribboned, sparkly, tantalisingly tempting in …

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