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life and faith

Seeds of life and faith

How small a seed can seem, yet it pulses with potential. A tiny hint of future offerings to come. Seeds can look dry and lifeless but they come bearing hope within. We plant them with faith in our hearts and hope for the future. Seeds are ripe with new life …
life and faith

Holy moments in the everyday

Childhood can feel choppy when viewed through adult eyes. Partly remembered scenes sway into our minds, tempered by time and experience, passing swift as bubbles in the air. A series of flashbacks, with hints of holy moments in the everyday. Although we may have failed to see them as such. …
five minute friday

Singing the blues

Here in the UK we seem to have an endless fascination with the weather. Which way is the wind blowing?¬†Will or won’t it rain? Do I need a brolly? Better carry one just in case. It’s a great conversation opener and very much the topic du jour. On a day …