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life and faith

On holy ground

¬†Evidence of life was springing up all around. I breathed deep of scent and sight. My heart cheered by colour and lively vibrancy growing root beside me. And on reaching the entrance to our meeting room the atmosphere hung heady with incense. A holy cloud seemed to hover in the …
life and faith

A friend in need

Sometimes God answers a prayer you didn’t pray. In becoming the answer to another person’s prayer, we can find our own needs addressed in ways we least expected. It happened to me a few months ago. The Philosopher (husband/carer/general dogsbody) and I found our health problems escalating over the last …
life and faith

A letter to the God-sized Dreamers

“Dreams are the seeds of creative reality” ~ Anon Dreams It began… with vague ideas swimming through clouded, crowded thoughts misted heavy with scepticism and soft-whisper in our hearts that we hear,  though we hesitate: This? Me? Now? Really? Until it pulses strong, a throb in tune with every beat …
life and faith

Going solo?

The waters are choppy. I’m holding on for all I’m worth. One woman pitted against the buffeting winds and rising waves. Not sailing as you might know it. But attempting to keep this vessel afloat in stormy seas. The tides of life and waters of adversity are trying to steer …

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