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Focus on seeing life clearly

My focus is fuzzy. I have myopic blur and the distortion of astigmatism. Both are easily remedied by wearing the right kind of lenses. Even if brain-fog still swirls its mists in my mind, I can achieve a semblance of clarity. Life can be viewed in sharper focus than before. …
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Seeking His Presence

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Advent season, thoughts turn toward Christ’s coming to earth.¬†Here, in infant lowly lies our Lord and Saviour.   Here, we touch holy ground. Yet it can all pass us by in the rush and hurry of preparation for Christmas. Just lately, a distant and …
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A woman of valour

Procrastination is the thief of time – or so the saying goes. Though there can be benefits in pondering a question until the right answer declares itself. In seeking to find a God-sized dream story that inspires me, I could have chosen someone from family, community, the great big world …