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life and faith

Weeds are flowers too

As new life springs up all around, I am a bit ashamed to confess that our garden is a messy, tangled up space where weeds run rampant and grass is deep enough to hide things in. But even this uncultivated space, which speaks loud of our slowness and incapacity, is …
life and faith

The plan

Dear God, You know better than anyone how much I long for change in my life. Being different due to circumstances beyond my control doesn’t suit someone as insecure as I am. It makes me feel vulnerable and I want to hide away at times. In my pursuit of a …
life and faith living with M.E

Out of my depth

Have you been out of your depth recently? I have. It is easy to feel swamped and overwhelmed. My tendency – even as an M.E sufferer – is to rush into things with both feet, arms flailing, legs akimbo. What I may lack in skill I more than make up …