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Now we are six(ty)

When I was six years old, I had a brush with death. It began with a clumsy careering into sharp wooden armchair corners that split my head open. There was a rush, hurry and flurry to get this child to hospital and stem the flow. The chair came off better …
life and faith

Making space for joy

All is quiet on the home front for a little while. Our sweet twelve week old grandson sleeps sound, his exhausted mother rests, father and grandpa are shopping, the washing machine whirrs soft and I am alone. I sense room to breathe, exhale tension and tiredness and inhale grace. Make …
life and faith


There are many joy-bringers in my life. For instance, I love…curling up with a good book, drinking coffee with friends, reading and writing poetry, watching the sun set, sniffing sea air, laughter, company, solitude, connecting, meals with friends and family. Some of these are easily achievable now, others must wait for …
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Time to celebrate?

Welcome to the party. It’s time to celebrate! Don’t worry – I’ve saved you a piece of cake. What am I celebrating – do I hear you say? The reasons are manifold. This is definitely the season to celebrate human endeavour and achievement with the Olympics and Paralympics, both of which …

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