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five minute friday

Always the same

Today I engage in a familiar exercise. It’s time for five-minute-friday where we write out our hearts just the same, week after week, on a different theme. The prompts vary, the people joining in can change, the way we write is influenced by how we feel and what we’re going …
life and faith


It’s Friday and that means Five Minutes of free flow, as-it-comes writing, from the heart, on a given topic. Today’s prompt is ‘Friend’ Start… Friend “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear” ~ Joseph M. Scriven hymn (1855) Click on this link to …
life and faith

Going solo?

The waters are choppy. I’m holding on for all I’m worth. One woman pitted against the buffeting winds and rising waves. Not sailing as you might know it. But attempting to keep this vessel afloat in stormy seas. The tides of life and waters of adversity are trying to steer …