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life and faith

Treasures mined in darkness

Darkness is not my friend. Mole-like as I may be with having M.E, I dislike a total lack of light. It reminds me of times as a child when I felt lost and afraid. Speaks of covert things. I’ve lived with a shadow side, beset by pain and shame from …
life and faith

Out of darkness

I sense my soul leaning toward the light as I sit in situations of struggle. Stretched yearningly like a plant desperate for its source of warmth and nourishment. And I’m encouraged by things stirring in the muddy undergrowth, tentatively appearing as signs of lifeĀ in dark places. Sun’s rays are starting …
life and faith

When dark shadows come your way

The day was almost over. Street-lighting shone its artificial bright outside my room but here inside all was warm glow, cosy and snug. I lay curled up, still reading when common-sense dictated closure was sensible, but I wanted to devour my book for just a little bit longer. A vague …