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life and faith

Preparing to fly free

Many of us sit captive to our circumstances. We feel chained down to ground or set aside, caught on a ledge where we fear falling. We may long to stretch our wings and fly but something holds us back from soaring free. It feels safer somehow to remain where we …
life and faith

Doing it afraid

Fear is not my friend. I don’t normally go seeking out trouble or looking to be brave. As one who spent far too many years afraid of my own shadow and afraid of the grown-up world impinging itself too soon on body and mind, life is not an adrenaline-fuelled ride …
life and faith

The road less travelled

Each journey we take in life begins with a single step. Yet so often the first move is the hardest one to make. The greater the challenge before us, the greater the measure of courage required. Faith requires us to walk blind sometimes, but we have the reassurance of God’s …