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Being intentional about resting

You’d think that resting would be second nature for me. After all, it’s an essential part of living with M.E. Doesn’t it just mean slowing down and pressing pause on busyness? Resting also involves being still physically. It means being intentional about stressing less. It’s about making time for seeking …
prayer whisper

Knowing and being known

Silence is a space where our thoughts fly free as birds and we watch them circling wild. They feel impossible to ignore or pin down. Grow larger as we give them room to move around. Once we snare one, then ten others rush as an angry horde in our heads. …
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Plumbing the depths

Just a few simple words. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make or mar a day. A drop here and there. When words rise to our pool of consciousness and hover a while close to the surface, it is well worth asking God if these are …