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life and faith

Echoes of eternity

It’s strange what triggers the memory. Sights, sounds and scents combine to transport us back in time. Years melt away and we are reliving heady days of youth, or revisiting childhood. It doesn’t take much to make us feel we are young again, maybe remembering our parents’ influence. I remember …
life and faith

Making space for joy

All is quiet on the home front for a little while. Our sweet twelve week old grandson sleeps sound, his exhausted mother rests, father and grandpa are shopping, the washing machine whirrs soft and I am alone. I sense room to breathe, exhale tension and tiredness and inhale grace. Make …
life and faith

Wallowing in the mire

It wasn’t planned. It never is. Feelings take over and a flood pours out.Isn’t that always the way? These things sneak up on us unawares. All of a sudden we spew forth dirty words. Falling fast as raindrops and just as impossible to stem the flow.  I grow impatient and irritable …
life and faith

An invitation not to be missed

One of the loveliest things anyone can do for us is to invite and welcome us into their life. To share at a deep level is trust revealed and given. And our response to it could make or break that friendship. Because there is a reciprocal response required. How about …
life and faith

A labour of love

I watch the Philosopher move rhythmically with his sleeves rolled up, hands kneading dough with practised movements, swaying and singing loud (considerately wearing his headphones due to my M.E hypersensitive hearing) as he listens to Dragonforce’s ‘Sonic Firestorm’ album. Faint whispers reach me of ‘My spirit will go on’ and ‘Fury …

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