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Lifting the lid on sex and sickness

Ā Ever since I’ve been blogging I’ve tried to stay faithful to the message I believe God has given me to share.Ā Sometimes that can make me uncomfortable. My natural desire, yearning really, is to be bright, chatty, light and encouraging. But, more often than not, I’ve been asked to go deep, …
life and faith living with M.E

When you need a hero

Don’t we all need a hero/heroine to look up to? Didn’t Bonnie Tyler make us all yearn for one? Someone who has made tracks in snow while we tread careful in their footprints. Someone who makes us sigh with aspiration…if only… we could look/act/be like them.If you asked who inspires …
life and faith


In place of the usual offerings here, I am starting a new venture for me as I link up for the first time with Five Minute Friday. This is a real challenge of grit and courage as I am a perfectionist (working on that one) who normally writes and writes, …