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five minute friday

A learning curve

There are weary  days where energy is low, inspiration seems to disappear and I feel empty of words, drained and dry. Time and effort are being expended elsewhere and there seems to be nothing to spare. Then a thought or two enters my head and I mull them around in …
life and faith

A friend in need

Sometimes God answers a prayer you didn’t pray. In becoming the answer to another person’s prayer, we can find our own needs addressed in ways we least expected. It happened to me a few months ago. The Philosopher (husband/carer/general dogsbody) and I found our health problems escalating over the last …
life and faith

Awakening to potential

A quivering occurs deep in our souls. An inviting ripple on the waters, an opportunity to stretch our wings and fly free. This one won’t go away. It resurfaces when we least expect it. Our lives are about to change and we run scared instead of running toward it with open …
life and faith

Plumbing the depths

Just a few simple words. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make or mar a day. A drop here and there. When words rise to our pool of consciousness and hover a while close to the surface, it is well worth asking God if these are …

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