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life and faith

Awakening to purpose

Mary heavy with child and the strain of labour. Feeling it in every fibre of her being. Preparing herself to birth our Saviour. Carrying a weight of wonder in mind and body. Caught up in a purpose beyond herself, stretching into the reaches of heaven and eternity. Pregnant with possibility. …
life and faith

Out of darkness

A child develops in darkness. Entombed in the womb. Cushioned and cradled within its comfortable confines. They grow toward the day when they will emerge, blinking, into the light. Stretch tenuous fingers toward all that awaits to embrace them. At a point in time they will draw in air, breathe …
life and faith

A new life begins

During this Advent season our thoughts stray toward the mystery, awe and wonder of the Incarnation. And we remember how Jesus took on our earthly human frame. In considering what a marvel and miracle it is for God Himself to enter human history, we cannot forget the Son of Man …