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life and faith

Memoir: appreciating the gift of years

Writing a memoir looks quite daunting as more years unfurl and a life is viewed with the benefit of hindsight and perspective. Tons of junk and gleanings of gold wait to be sifted through as our memory begins to recall past times with greater clarity than what happened yesterday. What do …
life and faith

Holy moments in the everyday

Childhood can feel choppy when viewed through adult eyes. Partly remembered scenes sway into our minds, tempered by time and experience, passing swift as bubbles in the air. A series of flashbacks, with hints of holy moments in the everyday. Although we may have failed to see them as such. …
life and faith

Butterflies, books and blessings

 I seem to be turning into butterfly-woman, or at least have developed more of a butterfly mind recently which is easily attracted and distracted by turns. My new tendency is to flit from book to book, pausing to savour a hint of its flavour before I move on to another. …
life and faith

A fresh perspective

Not many of my childhood memories are viewed through a warm sepia-lens hue. Most shade to grey, blur into dark images I prefer not to examine too closely. I remember this moment though, because new toys (yes, even a piggy bank money-box) were rare and usually saved for Christmas or …
life and faith

Life lessons from little ones

 There’s no denying that babies and young children have a zest for life and a thirst for knowledge. As parents, grandparents, relatives and family friends, we are acutely aware of all they will need to know as they learn and grow. Six months ago I became a grandma for the …

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