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life and faith

When you’re in transition

My life is in transition. I’m at an in-between phase and stage. Walls are crumbling, rocked by Holy Spirit winds and fanned by the flame of God’s word. I can no longer cling to familiar. All feels uncertain. Days of being locked up in a tight cocoon are ending. Release is coming. Something …
life and faith

No matter what

Sometimes we sweat the small stuff. Major on minors. Fail to differentiate between the two. This year, I had a dream – a God-sized dream: “To draw closer to God and discover His specific plan for me creatively and personally” At the time I had no idea what a major …
life and faith

Wounded Warriors

IF: …You count crawling out of bed each day as Victorious Christian Living …Hope rocks back and forth in tandem with your feelings …The valley floor you walk is mud-slushed with years of pacing …Going round and round the same mountain is making you dizzy …The ache is your heart …