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five minute friday

Singing the blues

Here in the UK we seem to have an endless fascination with the weather. Which way is the wind blowing? Will or won’t it rain? Do I need a brolly? Better carry one just in case. It’s a great conversation opener and very much the topic du jour. On a day …
life and faith

retreat: seeking calm in a chaotic world

Life has been less than usual for me recently as I’ve sought an oasis of calm in what felt like an increasingly chaotic world. Being housebound due to M.E, I’ve had to look outside my surroundings to seek solace for a burnt-out brain and weary body relapsing and frazzled by too much on-line …
life and faith


In place of the usual offerings here, I am starting a new venture for me as I link up for the first time with Five Minute Friday. This is a real challenge of grit and courage as I am a perfectionist (working on that one) who normally writes and writes, …