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life and faith

Choosing to accept the changing seasons

Within the changing seasons of life, I think I’m in an autumnal one of body, soul and spirit. My hair has almost lost its golden glints and shaded to silver, although winter-white is yet to come. It’s an unsettling period where hopes and dreams remain unfulfilled, curl small, wither away. …
life and faith

Mind the gap of an in-between existence

When there is a gap, or several, in our lives, they can yawn empty as chasms. Where is the next big thing coming from? Isn’t it time for something new? Well, maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the gap, the space, indicates loss, missing things, opportunities or relationships. Even a tiny gap …
life and faith

A woman of valour

Procrastination is the thief of time – or so the saying goes. Though there can be benefits in pondering a question until the right answer declares itself. In seeking to find a God-sized dream story that inspires me, I could have chosen someone from family, community, the great big world …