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life and faith

A message we all need to hear

Some of us can wait what feels like a lifetime to hear the words, “I love you” from a person’s lips. Maybe it’s a parent whose validation and approval we’ve never had. Or a sibling who failed to get over their early resentment of us. Perhaps you long for these …
life and faith

Taking a leap of faith

A physical stretch eases our limbs and a mental one fires up the brain. Though a leap may be beyond us, except for the fact that life is all about change and challenges. We all exercise faith on a daily basis, to some degree or other, as we trust the world around us …
life and faith poetry

Can you hear me?

 Hi, Welcome. It’s good to meet with you here. After all, getting connected is what it’s all about, right? Never before have we had such a varied frenzy of social networks to have our voices heard on. It used to be said that everyone could be famous for 15 minutes. …
life and faith poetry

Taking the first step

 Hi, Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and get comfortable. We’re about to take the first step into uncharted territory  – for me. From being a complete social-media novice a few months ago, when I tumbled tentatively into Twitter, I have survived and thrived …

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