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prayer whisper

Beautiful to behold

It is said that the mirror seldom lies. Or does it? What if the reflection we see isn’t really a true representation of you and me? We are far more than the sum of our parts and a glancing gaze in glass. We are spirit, soul and body, yet it’s …
life and faith

Painting beauty with ashes

I sat on the bed, desultorily dusting the few objects I could cope with while my energetic friend breezed her way around the room, almost knocking things over in her enthusiasm to get the job done. Our soul conversation more than made up for any lack of application on my …
life and faith

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Some habits die hard. They require great persistence, perseverance, prayer, hard work, faith, and an abundance of grace to overcome. One such habit is that of speaking negatively about ourselves. How easily we slip in to it. I can barely register my reflection in a mirror without having to resist …